About Us

Designing and manufacturing a line of restroom trailers has been an exciting process at Satellite.  It was, and continues to be, an opportunity to use the combined experience and knowledge of our portable sanitation and trailer divisions to produce a product worthy of the investment.

Satellite began as a portable restroom rental and service company in 1958 and manufactured its own portable restrooms, deodorizers and vacuum trucks.  Producing quality products was critical to the survival and eventual success of the company and it is with this same attitude that Satellite Suites was born.

The launch of Satellite Suites restroom trailers in 2014 was a high-point in the history of Satellite.  The many years of advancing portable sanitation with innovation and excellence were evident in the very first trailers.  Seamless and moisture-proof materials used throughout the trailer are just one example of how Satellite Suites is advancing technology in the restroom trailer industry.

The many advantages of a Satellite Suites trailer can only be appreciated by comparing our models with the competition – item by item, feature by feature.   It is in the details where the quality of a Satellite Suites restroom trailer can be fully seen and appreciated.  One such detail is the polyethylene waste tank.  For a variety of reasons this material is superior to others when comparing ease-of-cleaning, upkeep and longevity.  In fact, the design of the Suites waste tank has the proven advantage of reducing odors, especially when combined with the use of biodegradable deodorizers developed by Satellite. 

For example, when deodorizers were first being developed in the labs at Satellite, many formulas were tried and tested.  They were a primitive combination of basic off-the-shelf products.  Today, Safe-T-Fresh deodorizers, manufactured by Satellite, are complex formulas containing biocides and enzymes specifically suited for this industry and in this case, restroom trailers.  This is where the experience Satellite gained over the years is invaluable to a Suites customer.

There are many more new ideas at Satellite Suites surrounding our restroom trailers and ancillary products that you will see in the future.  It is an exciting time to be in the portable sanitation business as the scope and quality of products and services continue to grow.  We hope that now, or one day, we can join you in growing and expanding your restroom trailer business.

Trailers are sold through our National Accounts Manager and Area Managers located across the United States. For more information about the company or products, please call 574-350-2152.

Mailings can be sent to 1686 Commerce Drive Bristol, IN 46506.

Satellite Industries is a privately held company.