6×14 Spa

Most three-station trailers are 12’, but this trailer is two feet longer and the benefit is clearly felt and seen when using the separate stations.   The other benefit, which is also true with all other Satellite Suites trailers, is the position of all doorways on the same side of the trailer.  This makes positioning the trailer a simple process and insures users will take full advantage of each station. As for durability, Satellite Suites trailers are made of non-wood materials to prevent costly water damage to the interior structure and also prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew, which can occur on wood frame structures.  The trailer also utilizes seamless external and interior surfaces to prevent water from finding its way into the structure.   Additional features included a patented Over Armor roof™, non-wood trim, a polyethylene waste tank with bottom sump, all designed to prevent moisture and odor problems from developing.