6×19 ADA Plus 2

If flexibility is what you need, the ADA+2 provides it! An ADA, combined with two standard restroom stalls, offers a single solution for events needing both. The trailer rides on an air suspension system, making it easy to tow and even easier to lower and level. The wheels, attached to stub axles, disengage quickly and the air suspension system lowers the trailer gently to the ground. Once the trailer is in place, simply lower the attached platform, snap on the six-foot ramp, slide in the handrails and set-up is complete. The ramp has a very slight angle and the platform provides plenty of room for navigating and opening the door. ­

And with all Satellite Suites ADA trailers, the waste is removed by a highly efficient vacuum system. The advantage of this system over macerating toilets is the speed and distance waste is removed. It evacuates immediately upon flushing and can be pumped up to 300 feet away. This system also evacuates foreign objects much easier. The system grinds the waste or objects, even items such as t-shirts or diapers, without clogging the system.