8×28 8-Head Flex

The Satellite Suites 8-Station Flex shower trailer offers you and your customer’s unequaled flexibility as well as many unique features.  It can be configured for male/female use in a 4+4 or 2+6 floor plan, or as an 8 shower arrangement depending on gender requirements.  And each shower stall has a changing area, shower and private lock.

As an operator, you will appreciate the lower towing weight (11,500 pounds), internal hose connections for easy wash-down, external fresh tank connection, 90% efficient tank-less water heaters and external cord and hose storage areas.  The showers are also raised above floor level to improve ventilation and create more space for general shower maintenance.

Perhaps the most important feature is the use of non-wood, and seamless wall, floor and ceiling surface materials to construct this trailer.  Trailers made with a wood structure may experience rotting, mold and mildew due to water seeping into the framework, but not a non-wood Satellite Suites trailer.  Our trailers are made to last and look beautiful for years to come.