Satellite Suites shower trailers are designed to provide users fully private showers, with the changing area within the lockable shower area to insure the greatest amount of privacy and safety.  This design is also a benefit to operators because the changing area can become very muddy and difficult to clean.  Being located within the shower area allows operators to spray the mud and dirt directly into the shower stall and down the drain. For added benefit, the hose connection for wash down is located within the trailer.

As a precaution against moisture or condensation build-up within the shower trailer, the shower stalls have been raised to created additional venting and offer more room for general maintenance beneath the shower if needed. For the three station shower with bathroom included, the shower itself is on the same level as the bathroom facilities and the venting is done by a separate ceiling fan in each unit.

For savings, the hot water system is a 90% efficient, tank-less water heater.  This system delivers hot water on demand at the lowest cost possible, with tested reliability.

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6x18 3 Station Shower-Restroom Combo
8x28 8-Head Flex