General Maintenance

General Restroom Trailer Maintenance Tips & Videos

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Cleaning –   The entire trailer can be cleaned with general household cleaners. Tar and grease on the outside of the trailer should be cleaned off using mineral spirits.  To clean the tank, use a high pressure sprayer.  Spray will not harm tank interior.

Short Term Storage   Properly maintaining the trailer between rentals will increase the life of the trailer and prevent unwanted odors.  Before discussing the proper methods of storage, always remember to pump the waste and remove the fresh water from your restroom trailer before transporting.

When the trailer returns from an event clean the inside as you would a bathroom at home, with standard household cleaners, towels and a broom or mop depending on floor condition. Wipe down all surfaces making sure the interior is clean and dry.

It is vitally important to clean and prep your waste tank for storage.  For Satellite Suites trailers we recommend flushing the tank with fresh water.   There is a 4” port located on the back of the trailer through which a high pressure hose or pressure washer can be inserted to spray out the tank.  Because the tank is made from polyethylene, a pressure washer will not harm the inside of the tank.  Remember to level the trailer before cleaning the tank to insure proper drainage.

When flushing is complete leave about 1” of fresh water in the tank and add Safe-T-Fresh™ QuickScents™ Bio packets.  The packets can be placed in the tank through the toilets.  Use one packet per toilet.  It is important to use the Bio formula because it is the only deodorizer that will break down solids, the source of tank odor. Safe T Fresh™ QuickScents Bio packets are available from any of your Satellite representatives or by calling 1-877-764-7297.

After cleaning the trailer’s interior and tank, be sure there is water in the toilets and urinals. Water acts as a vapor barrier between the cabin and the tank and will keep any odors out of the cabin. The sinks feature waterless p-traps and do not need water to act as a vapor barrier.

Other steps for proper storage include making sure all doors are locked and sealed to prevent rain, snow, or bugs from entering the trailer. With the Satellite Suites trailer the roof vents can remain open in mild weather to allow fresh air to circulate (Maxx Air covers keep the rain out).  Make sure all breakers are turned off and that all steps and handrails have been returned to their locked travel position.

Following these basic steps will ensure a long, low-maintenance life for your restroom trailer.